Z Gallery is a multidisciplinary artist-run center with an intergenerational and intercultural mandate since 2011.


Z Gallery is an intergenerational and intercultural community-based artist-run organization since 2011, that aims to create space for us all: artists, community activists, educators and simply anyone who wants to connect and share ideas with generosity and kindness. People with deep respect for humanity, justice, friendship, and care for our Mother Nature. 

In the past years we have engaged with and connected to people from different communities and backgrounds through art and conversation.  We have worked with artists, community activists and educators from all walks of life in order to create lifelong connections and understanding of each other’s cultures and beliefs.  

We have encouraged artists and communities, originally from “here” or originally from “there” to tell their stories through creation and conversation. Our goal is to encourage artists to share their stories and creativity in an outspoken way, without fear of any judgment.


We hope to encourage communities to come together, so that friends and neighbors can eat together, share their stories, create art and exchange ideas which will open doors to kindness, friendship and tolerance.


Z likes to create spaces for listening, learning, teaching, and sharing generously.

Z deeply believes in the power of firsthand storytelling. 

Z likes to remember.